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Updated 02 21 2024

We have some new berk meat boars at stud.  We have helped people convert double L growers to farrowing. Even with YRC freight going out of business, we continue to ship with other carriers.  If you don’t see it on my site, ask as we have a lot more than we post.

We will be posting some Double L units around the first of March

2023 was a very busy year for us. We continue to get new inventory in and ship. It appears that spring is very close as we are almost 2 months into 2024.

Here is what a customer had to say about the selling of their double L units in 2022.

“Hey Ray thank you so very much! I am so pleased the way the venture went. Dave the mover and his helpers were wonderful! Thanks again!”

2021 was a record year for us. We hope to continue that this year. We have material in Earlville Iowa & in Duncan, Oklahoma.  We have stocked up as we anticipated things to be tight to get.  One of the comments that I hear when people stop by is they are amazed at how much stuff we have. we tell them, you can’t sell it, if you don’t have it.

I changed my email to raytekippe@gmail.com

Welcome to Used Swine Equipment!

We have been in business for 23 years and most recently made a sale to Hawaii, so we have sold & shipped to all 50 states.  We have exported to Canada and working on our third shipment to Jamaica & our first shipment to South America.

We can also get you new equipment. Here are 3 examples

We are a distributor for the Double L Group – https://www.doublel.com/

We are also a dealer for Smidley Mfg.  – https://smidley.com/

We are also a  representative for ADA Enterprises & can offer coated wire for pigs, calves, dogs , & ducks. – https://adaent.net/

Why not deal with a trusted and  known people in the industry? We have 50 registered purebred Berkshire sows.  So we know what works in our set up , to help you with your setup, and also remember we can ship anywhere.

We update the website ourselves and as you see we have the date stamp on it to show you that the inventory is current.

When the customer wrote the check out from Twelve Mile, IN on Saturday, he mentioned how much he liked dealing with us as he could get everything in one place.

We have added a page with vertical rod gating – take a look.

Last week a person from Oakland Iowa was selling some farrowing pens on face book. The picture was of 3 units I had set up in my yard in 2015. The person did put an update on the photo when I mentioned that it was my yard, that the picture was an example.

The online sales also don’t mention a no reserve, so many times the owners or site manager are bidding against you.  Shortly after an online auction on 09/21/2020, I was asked to sell some items as the monies by the online were not sufficient.

Right after a May 25.2020 online sale, I was receiving calls about a building as it had not sold online and a person was going to look at it. Again , there was no disclaimer that there was a reserve bid, or that the person having the auction owned the unit, and would be bidding.

Yet another comment on an online sale for 09 08 2020: ” And when the bottom rots out, use it as a burn barrel. The uses are endless!!”  What the seller does not know is if the bottom is rotted out, the ring and top will fit on an Osborne feeder bottom.

We also take the time to make sure what you are getting is functional and ready to go.  Take a look on the stainless steel crate page. Last winter I got a call from a guy in Lone Tree Iowa telling me how good these bow bar stainless crates were in NW Iowa. Since he had no seen them in person, he only wanted to make the sale. Take  a look at what I do to make sure the customer is happy.

I reviewed an online auction the other evening and saw the word “woof” to describe an item. What does that mean?

Then another comment stated, “I don’t have any other styles of flooring right now. If we don’t have it, we can get you new at a very good price.

Another comment. “Never seen one of these before. Interesting.”  It was a wet dry feeder and used in the pig industry all the time. It helps to make the feed for palatable for feed conversion.

I retired on June 19, 2020 as a Senior Buyer for a privately held firm that makes fractional horsepower motors, I bought items from all over the world. A buy/sell transaction has to be good for both parties. It is one thing to buy something, but then you have to get it transported. My knowledge and contacts from 44 years in manufacturing, with 34 years in procurement, along with my APICs certification allow me to help my customers by offering competitive rates on shipments.

 About our business:  We started the business  by accident almost  19 years ago when I was in Duncan  Oklahoma and noticed the interest  people took in the pig equipment in my pens. The following spring we took out some farrowing crates and sent them to Texas.  That summer we sold our first double buildings.

Since we started the business in 2000 we have sold to every state, including   Hawaii. We have also sold to Canada numerous times, Jamaica, and also have shipped to Martha’s Vineyard.

Call my cell phone, which is 563-543-4267. If I do not answer leave a message and a best time to call you back..

The top third of my website is stuff we own, the middle third is buildings we are selling for people, and the bottom third is stuff we are selling for people on a commission basis. we offer competitive prices every day. The pictures you use are what we are selling. I update this website on a regular basis.

We do not have online sales.  You don’t have to feel pressured to bid on one single picture. You can be assured that we understand what we are selling and how it should function.  We want to talk to you about your needs so we can sell you what will work in your operation.

We move a lot of stuff, so if you see it and want it, don’t wait, please contact me. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

We also  are a part of Berkwood Farms and raise purebred Berkshires hogs – Our website is http://betterpork.com/ . We do not feed Ractopamine (aka Paylean) to our hogs. and our vet work is done by Ken Miller of Manchester, IA,

Our address
1528 270th Ave
Earlville , IA 52041

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions

As you can see some of the units are Double L farrowing and nursery buildings. These buildings have self contained pits and can be easily moved down the road and taken to another site.  I sell the used units and if you want a price on a new unit, contact  the outside sales people,  Shane and Sandy Landt. Their contact info.  is sandy_landt@hotmail.com . Shane and Sandy’s phone are 563-245-1614, Fax 563-245-1614, and cell phone are 563-880-2426.

The company that builds the new ones is

Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.
P.O. Box 878
Monona, IA 52159
Ph: 866-808-5609
Fax: 563-539-2789
website — http://www.buildingsforscience.com/

From the customers

9 – 18 – 2020 — I got a call this morning and picked up my crates late this afternoon. We were able to load them easily into my livestock trailer with the forklift. Thank you so much for the great service. Jody in Orland , CA

08 18 2017 – Bill in Virginia

Everything arrived yesterday  in great condition.  Thanks Ray.

02 01 2017 – From Shelby  Iowa

Thanks again for the gates, that worked out perfect for me and very happy with the quality.

From Kelby in Maine on August 29, 2016, “Once again you’ve made me a very very happy farmer thanks Ray!”

Ray, sorry I meant to email you first thing this morning.  Yes, Paul made it.  Michele and I wanted to take the time to tell you it was GREAT working with you.  We were extremely happy with the quality of the crates.  Paul did an outstanding job.  We paid him his delivery fee and gave him the check for you.  We are going to take inventory this weekend and start piecing them together.  But we were very happy with the experience and our daughter was super excited.  Thanks for making it a great experience Ray.  We will be doing business with for sure in the future.

Wall of Shame – People that are very slow pay or do not live up to their obligations when they agree to something. Jonathan Triggs of Milan, IL . Ed Wuchter of Wiggins, Colorado.  Greg Wright of Dresden, TN. Brian Clapp of OK; Ernie and Masterson of OR, Heath Shelby of OK. Jason Carr, aka Walker Showpigs of Texas.  Nathan Stoughton of Russell Kansas,  Michael Santoro of Solvang CA.