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Welcome to Used Swine Equipment!

Our pay forward to a 13 year old in Manhattan Kansas – May 1 , 2018

I took your call last February and you explained that you had two sows that you were farrowing and needed a feeder for the piglets. You told me that something better was needed, as the pigs were wasting a lot of feed. What impressed me was that you told me you were thirteen years old and did chores before and after school, and here you are buying a feeder, after finding us on the internet.

We then followed up with email correspondence to make sure that we had something that would work for you. After I found a feeder that I could UPS for $75, instead of sending on a freight truck for $135, to save you money, you said you had to ask your parents. I thought that was the end of the deal. But then you called back to say it was okay and was worried on how to pay. I assured you that we would ship your feeder on open account and asked that you send a check after getting it. We were blown away when the check came a few days later and you wrote it out of your own checking account.

In our business we deal with people all over the USA and from time to time, we bump into people that mislead, or want to take advantage of the situation, by not owning up to the business transaction agreed upon. They all could learn from you on how to do business by being honest and following up in a professional manner.

As part of our pay forward, my wife and I are sending your check back, knowing that someday you will pay it forward. We need individuals like you to inspire others to realize that agriculture is the heart of America.

We wish you the very best in your future endeavors. It was great to be introduced to you, and hopefully our paths will cross again someday.

About our business

Call my cell phone, which is 563-543-4267  first . If I do not answer leave a message. I work in an office during the day and will not answer.

My address 1528 270th Ave Earlville , IA 52041

We have been moving a lot of stuff lately so if you see it and want it, don’t wait, please contact me. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible and try to keep the site updated as best I can.

We are a part of Berkwood Farms – Our website is http://betterpork.com/

We do not feed Ractopamine (aka Paylean) to our hogs.

We raise Berks . Our vet work is done by Ken Miller of Manchester, IA,

Since we started the business in 2000 we have sold to every state except  Hawaii.. We have also sold to Canada and Jamaica and shipped to Martha’s Vineyard.

My address
1528 270th Ave
Earlville , IA 52041

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions

If  I do not answer my cell phone,  just leave a message, which is 563-543-4267 (HAMP)

As you can see some of the units are Double L farrowing and nursery buildings. I sell the used units and if you want a price on a new unit, contact  the outside sales people,  Shane and Sandy Landt. Their contact info.  is sandy_landt@hotmail.com . Shane and Sandy’s phone are 563-245-1614, Fax 563-245-1614, and cell phone are 563-880-2426.

The company that builds the new ones is

Art’s Way Scientific, Inc.
P.O. Box 878
Monona, IA 52159
Ph: 866-808-5609
Fax: 563-539-2789
website — http://www.buildingsforscience.com/

These buildings have self contained pits and can be easily moved down the road and taken to another site. The best way to get a hold of me is by email or leave a message on my cell phone.

From the customers

08 18 2017 – Bill in Virginia

Everything arrived yesterday  in great condition.  Thanks Ray.

02 01 2017 – From Shelby  Iowa

Thanks again for the gates, that worked out perfect for me and very happy with the quality.

From Kelby in Maine on August 29, 2016, “Once again you’ve made me a very very happy farmer thanks Ray!”

Ray, sorry I meant to email you first thing this morning.  Yes, Paul made it.  Michele and I wanted to take the time to tell you it was GREAT working with you.  We were extremely happy with the quality of the crates.  Paul did an outstanding job.  We paid him his delivery fee and gave him the check for you.  We are going to take inventory this weekend and start piecing them together.  But we were very happy with the experience and our daughter was super excited.  Thanks for making it a great experience Ray.  We will be doing business with for sure in the future.

Wall of Shame – People that are very slow pay or do not live up to their obligations when they agree to something. Brian Clapp of OK; Ernie and Masterson of OR, Heath Shelby of OK. Jason Carr,aka Walker Showpigs of Texas.  Nathan Stoughton of Russell Kansas,  Michael Santoro of Solvang CA.